About Us

We’re a team of medical students from some of the UK’s top universities who run one-day courses for UKCAT, BMAT and Interviews.

Our Mission

We’re a team of medical students who set up this company (6med) to disrupt a market dominated by exploitative corporations. Over the past 3 years, we’ve taught over 3,000 students. Our mission is simple – to provide the most effective yet most affordable preparation courses in the world.

Preparation courses are an interesting kettle of fish. The more students are coached for particular exams, the less useful they become as a selection tool to separate the men from the boys, so to speak. But like it or not, as long as there are entrance exams, there will be companies charging extortionate prices to prepare you for them. And those who choose not to (or cannot afford to) attend their courses are often at a disadvantage. Additionally, a lot of schools with a history of getting students into Medicine offer their own BMAT and UKCAT preparation sessions, adding further imbalance to the competitive arena of medical school applications.

At 6med, we want to do something about this problem. We want to level the playing field that’s been warped by corporations profiting from the exploitation of hopeful medics. That’s why our courses are not only better than the others on the market (according to our students), but they cost substantially less as well. In addition, we have an unlimited number of bursaries available for students who find themselves unable to pay the £129 that we’re charging. To find out more, check out our Bursaries page. Ability and motivation should be the only barriers for entry into Medicine – not money.

Our Story

6med started up in 2013 with the BMAT Crash Course, and was initially meant to be a small Summer job for a group of friends from medical school. However, after realising just how much of an impact we could have, we expanded quickly with our UKCAT and Interview Crash Courses, and began to offer our services in other countries too. If you’re interested in reading about how we got our start, and how the company evolved over time, please visit the About page on the 6med main website.

Meet the Team

Our team is made up of current medical students from some of the UK’s top universities. The profiles below are of the people who set up UKCAT Crash Course. In addition to them, we’ve got a number of other, equally qualified students from various universities who help with teaching and creating materials.

James Choi
James Choi
University College London

James is a fourth-year medic at UCL, and the guy who created the UKCAT Crash Course, as well as co-founding 6med in 2013. He did his intercalated BSc in Neuroscience at UCL, for which he holds a First-Class honours degree. He also has a keen interest in several diverse areas, including languages, medical technologies and business development.

Ali Abdaal
Ali Abdaal
Emmanuel College, Cambridge

Ali is a fourth-year medic at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, and the founder of 6med. He designs and codes all our websites, manages admin, and helped create some of the material for the UKCAT Crash Course. His main projects are the BMAT Crash Course, BMAT Ninja and the Interview Crash Course.

Haroon Ahmed
Haroon Ahmed
Queens’ College, Cambridge

Haroon is a third-year medic at Queens’ College, Cambridge, and is studying Psychology for his intercalated BA. He has worked with world-renowned cancer researchers in the Baylor College of Medicine Breast Center in Texas, and has been a lead instructor for the UKCAT Crash Course for 2 years.

Dan Porter
Dan Porter
University College London

Dan is a third-year medic at UCL, currently studying for a BSc in Global Health. An inspirational young man from Yorkshire, Dan was our star UKCAT Crash Course instructor in 2015, and intends to reprise his role for many years to come.

Interested in joining us? If you’re a current medical student or graduate with exceptionally high scores in BMAT/UKCAT, teaching experience and a vision for our company, please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!