This page contains answers to a number of Frequently Asked Questions. Before contacting us with a query, we’d be grateful if you could check to see if we haven’t already answered your question. Actually, scratch that – we’re always happy to hear from you, so feel free to get in touch whenever!

I haven’t booked a course (yet)

In a market dominated by companies that charge over £300 for their courses, we’re always a bit wary of charging significantly less – most of us have studied Psychology as part of our Medical degrees at University, and we know that people tend to associate a lower price with a poorer quality product. In the end however, we decided that the pros far outweigh the cons. We don’t want money to be a barrier for entry for people who want to study at top universities, and forking out £330 for a course just isn’t feasible for most (including us). And because we’re a team of students, rather than a corporate giant, we pride ourselves on being able to provide a fantastic course for a fraction of the price you’d pay elsewhere.

We feel that £129 is a very reasonable price for a course as good as ours. In fact, the price is probably far too low, at least compared to the rest of the courses on the market. We’ve got to pay for the premises, the printing, the transport to and from the various locations, VAT, Corporation Tax, accounting fees, websites costs, and ideally would like a little left over for ourselves (as this is effectively our Summer job).

Having said that, we do understand that £129 is rather a lot of money. We’re fully committed to help widen access to Medicine, which is why we offer an unlimited number of bursaries each year (we gave out over £13,000 in bursaries in 2015). If money is at all an issue for you, please check out the Bursaries page and get in touch with us – we’d be delighted to work something out.

Okay, we’ll be honest – the course wasn’t supposed to be £129. It was actually supposed to be £109, but because we ended up doing far better than we ever imagined, we hit the threshold that HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) specify for VAT. That means we have to charge an extra 20% VAT on all our sales, which is really annoying for us (more paperwork) but probably more annoying for you (an extra £20 to pay). We tried our best to find a loophole to avoid this, but short of setting up offshore accounts and tax evasion schemes, it just wasn’t possible. Sorry :/

In light of the increased price change, we’ve removed the cap on the bursaries that we offer. So if you’re in the position where you can’t pay the full price of the course but still want to attend, just visit our Bursary page, send us an application and we’ll do our best to help you out.

By all means, if money’s no object then do please attend whatever courses you feel will help you. However, if you’re looking for the best value-for-money option, then there’s really nothing that beats us. The techniques and strategies we’ve come up with and taught for the last few years are second to none, and the majority of the 3,000 students that have been on our courses will testify to that. We’ll give you a whole day of teaching, provide everything you need to best prepare for the UKCAT, and in the end, hopefully help you get into a great university. No other company provides all that, and certainly not for the price that we’re offering. Check out our Reviews page if you don’t believe us 🙂

It’s true, we’re not UKCAT examiners or anything (if those even exist). We’re just a group of medical students who have successfully been through the process. As such, you won’t get any insider knowledge from us, but what you will get, is arguably the most important perspective – the student’s perspective. Because we know what kinds of things you’ve covered in school, we’re able to tailor our teaching to suit you, in a way that no one else really can.

Along with this, we’ve worked very hard to bring you the best strategies and techniques that have worked for us and we know will work for our students. You can rest assured that our close-knit team of instructors and course material writers have all secured UKCAT scores of 750 and above, with many scoring in the 800s.

It goes without saying that we constantly test and improve upon strategies year on year, and cover any new changes to the UKCAT. We know how hard the UKCAT is, and at the end of the day, it just really helps to be taught by people you can easily relate to – it makes things far more enjoyable. Besides, we’ve all of us have years of teaching experience under our belt, so you’ll be in good hands!

I’ve already booked a course

As you step through the classroom door, our instructors will hand you a copy of our course handbook to keep, as well as provide an erasable whiteboard and markers for any workings you may have to jot down during the day. If you have a basic, non-scientific calculator lying around the house, do bring it, otherwise you can just use your phone calculator. It goes without saying that you should bring pens and pencils. Apart from that, it’s really up to you whether you want to bring some snacks or food (there’s always a place close by where you can buy food). In our experience, the rooms can get quite hot in the summer, so it’ll be a good shout to bring water with you.

By the time you get to the course, most of you will probably have attempted a few questions already and know roughly how the UKCAT works. That being said, you don’t need to have any prior experience of the UKCAT before the course: we go through everything you need to know on the day – although we don’t like to waste your time by going through general things you could easily find on the official UKCAT website yourself.

It certainly wouldn’t hurt to get a general sense of the UKCAT exam, but if you can help it, we don’t encourage you do too many questions before our course: we’ll give you a new set of strategies and techniques that have proven time and time again to be the most effective way of tackling the exam, so we don’t want you building up too many bad habits beforehand. If you’ve already done quite a few questions, it doesn’t matter – but be prepared to change the way you do things when you come on the course!

We work very hard to make our course the best on the market and pull out all the stops to keep it that way – but there are some general things you can do too to get even more out of it.

Many students comment on the intensity of the course, and we think that’s a good thing – there’s a lot of high-yield information to get through. In light of this, do arm yourself with a good night’s sleep and make sure you don’t skip breakfast. Also, don’t come on the course if you’re not going to take it seriously and give it your absolute focus. We do sometimes get students, although not very often, that clearly look and act like they don’t want to be there from the very beginning, or are just disruptive and can’t stop talking to the friend they brought along.

Importantly, we encourage you let go of any inhibitions and get stuck in – the course is very interactive and all our tutors are super friendly, so don’t be afraid to admit you don’t understand or ask questions. This may be your best chance to bring up any issues you may have and to straighten out any doubts! We’re also more than happy to talk to you about anything medicine-related, including your university applications and ideas for your personal statement.

Certainly. The easiest way to change your booking is simply to book again for the correct date, and then drop us an email so that we can refund your original booking. We can refund your original booking provided you let us know at least 14 days before the course is due to take place.

Of course. Just drop us an email at least 14 days before the course, and we’ll refund the full cost to the debit/credit card you used for payment.