After every course, we gave students an anonymous survey asking for feedback. Here’s what they said.


Below you’ll find some of the comments that were made (anonymously) by students via our feedback form at the end of the courses, as well as some that were emailed in afterwards. Please excuse the lack of structured prose – they were all clearly exhausted by the end of the intense (but rewarding) day, and for the sake of integrity, we didn’t want to adulterate their comments by rewriting them as prose. The only thing we’ve changed is that we’ve blanked out the names of competitors wherever they’re mentioned – it’s just classier that way.

Hey, I just wanted to say thank you for the UKCAT course you ran at Imperial last weekend. I felt obliged to sign up for ██████ (as everyone does), which I did, and have just finished the first day there. There is literally no comparison. The way in which your tutors, Aqib, Dan and Sheikh, led the course actually made the whole day really enjoyable and there was real personality behind the words, which unfortunately cannot be said about my ██████ course. The advice you gave is better, the fact your courses are led by a team of three is better, the handbook you gave out was better…. I could go on. You could literally just buy and read through the ██████ course book for the 50 quid or whatever it is on eBay and teach yourself – that’s all the instructor was doing. Sorry to go on… I just wanted to make my point (although I’m sure you’ve already had similar feedback from many of your students)… just wanted to finish (sorry this is so long) by saying thank you again and congratulations on setting up this company. People will soon realise ██████ is a rip off and companies like yours mean getting into medical school isn’t all about wealth 🙂 – Anonymous

I attended the UKCAT Crash Course you held at Imperial this year ready for 2015 entry and you asked us to let you know how we got on. I took my UKCAT today and was absolutely over the moon with 2940 and Band 1 and this really was so much down to the course I attended, so I just wanted to say thank you so much. The best part about UKCAT Crash Course is the massive and incredibly personal booklet you get given. Unlike other UKCAT books, there’s a voice behind the words written so it makes you feel like you are being guided through how to go about answering the question, even weeks after you’ve done the course! You’re also just really nice people and the way in which you teach is so good at keeping the room engaged because it’s non-stop flipping between learning from you and then applying the knowledge to the question in the timed 2 minutes before we move on. I found DA and SJT the most useful to be taught by you, as both are very difficult to teach yourself. I also went on a BMAT Crash Course, and that was just as helpful, so just my BMAT to come now! Thank you so much, as you really brought out the best in me. – Remi (sent by email)

I started looking for courses after doing some UKCAT preparation from some books, and I wasn’t scoring high enough — so I thought I’d look into UKCAT courses which I knew were notoriously expensive. Then I found the UKCAT Crash Course and BMAT Crash Course. 6med is a company whose goal is to allow students to have access to high quality courses for the UKCAT, BMAT and interviews, with the goal of breaking the barrier of having money. I could not believe it when I was able to go onto your UKCAT and BMAT course at no cost. I am so grateful for the outstanding support you have given me to aid my application to medicine. I would like to thank yourself and everyone-else who put the course together. The course was sensationally helpful. Aqib and Dan started off with a brief introduction, telling us about what we need to know about the exam, providing some very specific tips to help with preparation. We then progressed through the exceptional UKCAT Crash Course Handbook, going through each section of the exam in an orderly fashion with strategic tips, practice questions and review. We went through the questions in a very specific order, allowing us to get used to each question type and the strategies used for each. In the handbook are many strategies which are helpful, and not many of these are found in books online which are mostly full of questions. The handbook is an excellent guide, and the tips allow you to not only get the questions right but within the time limit of the actual exam which we got to experience by doing the practice questions. Practising the questions, I was amazed as to how effective the tips were and was shocked that I was able to answer the questions. Throughout the day, Aqib and Dan went over the 4 core sections and then, at the end, there was a short but very sweet exploration of the SJT which was nice to be taught and which provided very simplistic but efficient guidelines when answering SJT questions. Aqib and Dan were fantastic tutors and brought humour into their fantastic teaching. They were more than willing to help and focused on the needs of each individual by providing individual support. For this, I would like to given them an extra thank-you for their outstanding support. I would recommend this course to absolutely anyone: the tutors are amazing; the handbook is amazing; the overall course is amazing. Thank you so much!!! – Lewis

The Crash Course was thorough and intensive, providing efficient strategies for each subtest of the UKCAT. Our tutors were engaging, nurturing, and demonstrated the psychological ruthlessness one must apply to score as highly as is possible. With my strengths and weaknesses now clearly identified, I feel confident that with a little more practice I can maximise my chances of success. Thank you 6med! -Charles

Just a quick email, one year on, to let you know that after your course I achieved a UKCAT score of 2980!! This helped me to get 3 interviews, 2 offers and a confirmed place at Southampton University on their 4 year Graduate Entry Course, starting in a few weeks!!!! I am totally thrilled and wanted to extend my thanks. The course taught me some invaluable techniques, especially for QR, and boosted my confidence hugely, something that stopped me stressing and allowed me to efficiently focus all of my energies onto proper revision. Thanks again, I’ve recommended your course to everyone I know! – Chris

My advice to any UKCAT candidate is to attend one of these courses! I was really struggling with my whole UKCAT preparation, and had entered the panic stage where I was so stressed out about everything. On the course everything I couldn’t do was explained so well, with examples and questions to practice on. The tutors had prepared a booklet of notes and questions for us to take home as well, which meant that we could go over everything again at home. The tutors themselves were really friendly and knowledgeable, and were happy to help, and to slow down and recap things that people weren’t sure of. Overall it was a really great experience and helped me to achieve a score of 747.5 in the 2014-2015 cycle. – Ajay (sent by email)

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the excellent UKCAT course (I attended last Saturday). I learnt so much and there is not one aspect of the course that I would change. I think that the fact that this course is run by medical students makes it even more dynamic and effective! Knowing that your support does not stop when the one day course has finished makes it more special and your enthusiasm to help with other areas of the application process is really appreciated. Thank you. – Mani

My daughter attended the course on 18th July at Imperial College. I thought I will let you know she scored 832.5 band 2 yesterday. Thank you for helping her.

The course was fantastic and dramatically increased my self-confidence. I did my UKCAT test at the end of September and my UKCAT score increased by 30% compared with last year which I am more than happy with. This is of course due to attending your course. I just wanted to say thank you very much, I can’t explain how grateful I am.

The course was very organised, we started and finished on time. The two trainers were excellent. They were very approachable and professional. I felt like they sincerely cared about everyone who attended the course and gave us the advice we needed. What I liked most about the course is that it was interactive and all participants took turns in answering questions. The advice given on the day was very useful especially the advice about type two questions in the verbal reasoning as well as the advice about mental maths. Finally, The trainers explained the situational judgment in a very simple way and give examples from his own experience which was very helpful and made it easier to remember.

Hi Guys! Hope everything is good – I was at one of your UKCAT courses in Imperial last year. Now I’m lucky enough to have a firmed an offer from King’s College London and insure an offer from Liverpool (as well as turn down another medical school!) I seriously think that getting these offers was down to a very high UKCAT score – SO THANK YOU! I’ve also signed up for your partner scheme so look forward to working with you on that – the early signs are good! Thank you so much guys! – MaxMax

I went to the UCKAT crash course this weekend led by Haroon and Aqib. The course was very informative and made me feel a lot more confident about taking the exam. Just wanted to say thanks for giving me a bursary and allowing me to attend. The course booklet is very easy to understand and full of practise questions which is really useful. The team clearly puts a lot of effort into making both the course and preparation materials for which I am very grateful.

Please also send my thanks to Haroon and Aqib who were both great instructors and gave very useful advice about the application process in general.

I will keep you informed about my results. -Adam

I just wanted to email and thank you all for your wonderful course, which I attended last year. Despite finding the UKCAT particularly difficult, your course was extremely helpful in teaching techniques which enabled me to score much higher than I had expected! Off the back of my UKCAT score I was lucky to recieve 4 interviews and subsequently 4 offers and am very excited to be off to Leicester Medical School in September, having just graduation from Brighton. – Jenny

I’d just like to say that I found the UKCAT Crash course that you organised incredibly informative and engaging. You were both jovial, approachable and very competent throughout the entire event. Since the course, the UKCAT Crash Course handbook has been my bible and I have been utilising many of the techniques that you taught us, and my marks have significantly improved!! This UKCAT crash course is without doubt the best UKCAT course available on the market and I will enthusiastically recommend it to my family, my friends and other students in my school. I am now enrolled in the BMAT Crash course at Cambridge in September and I hope to see you two there!!

Angeline (sent by email)

I wanted to say how impressive and helpful the course run at Manchester Urmston Grammar was. I only discovered UKCAT crash course from a google search, but I would like to promote your course at the school I attend. Thank you thoroughly for a fun and challenging day.

Harry (sent by email)

I had my UKCAT yesterday and I got 738 average and I am buzzed with that score!! So I’m just e-mailing to thank you guys so much for your techniques and support. I believe it genuinely helped me and I’ll be sure to recommend this course to younger students for next year! Thanks again and good luck with your future endeavours! – Mo (sent by email)

I told the guys on the day, but I just want to reiterate how excellent Daniel, Sheikh and Aqib were. Their eloquence and good-humour made what could have been a slightly dull (albeit useful) day into a genuinely enjoyable experience. Their advice and the manual you provided are looking to be very useful guides through the long hours of practice that loom ahead. – Suraj (sent by email)

I’m just writing a quick message in response to your fantastic course at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge last Sunday. The instructors were incredible helpful and I am finding revision so much simpler and a lot less stressful than it was before. -Max

Very helpful for AR and SJT AND Teachers = lovely, bright and hilarious.

Teachers – Engaging and fun. Good to be kept engaged through a long day.

Much better course than  ██████.

Best day of my life.

I think the course is really effective and has increased my confidence in preparing for the ukcat. The teachers were approachable and explained things really well.

Really good energy from teachers to keep everyone engaged. Great strategies.

You have done an absolutely excellent job, thank you so much!

Fantastic course, really helpful and insightful, I will be looking at BMAT course also. Thank you!

A great course, well delivered for all stages of preparation, thank you! A big help!

Very informative, helped to polish my skills. Great way of teaching with going through examples.

First of all, thank you very much for such an amazing start! I now feel like I can channel my time effectively on practice. Without the course I think most of my practice would have been basically useless. Now I can apply the techniques you have shown to be effective and hopefully get a good score 🙂 The booklet is also brilliant! Thank you for your time and such an amazing course! (I have already recommended it to some of my friends doing  ██████  and they have now cancelled it and are booked on your course).

Rohan (sent by email)

The course was incredible, the advice was really helpful and has genuinely helped to improve my technique and the way I approach the questions. The teachers were friendly and approachable, and made the day really enjoyable. The book full of questions and advice that I got was also really great. If you go on one course, I’d definitely recommend this one, it’s genuinely worth it.

Shadman (sent by email)

Attending this course for my UKCAT in 2014 was a very wise decision. Not only was it affordable for the quality of teaching I received, the thick booklet given to us whilst on the course was great to refer back too during further revision at home. The course covered in depth techniques for all sections of the UKCAT with timed practice questions to put these techniques into use, as well as explanations for all questions attempted. I would thoroughly recommend this course to all of my peers. – Jake (sent by email)

I just wanted to thank all you guys for a very informative and an educational day. Before attending the UKCAT crash course, I wasn’t aware of the brilliant strategy that you had. It’s succinct, concise and straight to the point. I, honestly have no constructive criticism on how to improve the course. Its fab! – Imran (sent by email)

I would just like to thank you all so much for today! The sections were broken down very well and it was very clear. The teaching was great too! I am VERY glad I signed up for this course! – Tharsiga

My son recently attended the UKCAT Crash Course and for the first time ever after going on any course has told me that it was extremely useful and helpful.

Really useful and improved my confidence.

Will recommend to year below + Miles better value than  ██████.

Really good energy from teachers to keep everyone engaged. Great strategies.

Loved it, it was very useful, especially the strategies 🙂

Very detailed and a lot of information which was good

Fantastic day

We’ll be adding to this page as the courses progress this year. If you’ve attended the course and would like to send us more detailed feedback on how we did, please do Contact Us via the website!