Every course attendee will recieve our gigantic A4 UCAT Workbook E-Book – this will be your test bible!

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The UCAT Crash Course Workbook

The workbook is always one of the most complimented features of our crash course. It is a massive A4 e-book that cuts out the unecessary jargon and flowery language, leaving you with all the information you actually need to score higher on the UCAT. We’ve also injected a “bit of banter” which apparently, makes it quite a fun read (not our words!).

The table of contents is generally a pretty good indication as to the content of a book. We also continually update and add more questions every year. So here’s what last year’s handbook looked like.

What Is Covered

The contents gives you a good understanding of what to expect from the workbook e-book. This is what we aimed to provide to you with the workbook:


Before we go into the meat of the book, we share the best advice on how to prepare for the UCAT at home. This chapter gives you helpful tips on what you should be focusing on, help creating a study plan and improving your productivity in general. A foolproof game plan for the UCAT test is something every test-taker should have in place.


The strategy chapter goes through the vital principles and techniques you have to know for the UCAT.  We provide a clear strategy that you should follow for the whole exam, along with section specific strategies. We cover things like time management, using the computer effectively and general ways to approach questions.


Many people say the UCAT can’t be revised for – this is completely untrue! This chapter will help you focus your practice and identify the most important areas to work on. You have to be your own boss when practicing at home, which can be hard. This section will help make sure you are working on the right things and maximising your time efficiently.

All UCAT Sections

Each distinct section the UCAT naturally has a large section dedicated to it in our workbook. You’ll get the basic information about each section, along with advanced tips and strategies to help boost your score. There are also a ton of practice questions and fully worked solutions to compliment your preparation.